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VL-100% Lead has long been recognized across the medical industry as a highly effective material in providing protection from various sources of radiation and has become a standard in the design of radiation protection products. The properties of lead that make it an excellent shielding material are its high density, high atomic number, high level of stability, ease of fabrication, high degree of flexibility in application, and relative ease of availability. Pure lead is fairly brittle and cannot be made into a sheet. To transform pure lead into a workable shielding material, the lead is mixed with binders and additives to make a flexible lead vinyl sheet.

  • All sheets are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and thicknesses depending on the application. Sheets can be layered to achieve the desired thickness required to meet the lead equivalency and safety standards.
  • There radiation protection guidelines promote three standard levels of lead equivalency protection for radiation shielding apparel: 0.25mm, 0.35mm and 0.5mm.


  • Lightest Lead Material
  • Purest and finest Lead Particles
  • Use of minimum bonding and minerals oils
  • Odour-Free Plasticizers
  • Ergonomic Comfort
  • Material remains Supple for Several Years
  • Change to Stability between -20° to +70° Centigrade | -4° to +158° Fahrenheit

Product Specification

Standard Roll Width 48"
Standard Roll Length 25 Linear Yards
Lead Equivalences Available 0.125, 0.167, 0.250 mmPb

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