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About Us

Quality Assurance

  • Acoustical Vinyl Barriers
  • X-Ray Shielding
Our overall commitment to quality:

Our team adheres to the highest quality control standards, and hold our suppliers to the same standards—throughout the manufacturing process and beyond. We comprehensively test our products to ensure they meet all product specifications and function as intended, before these products are shipped to our customers.
During a typical run, the product is randomly sampled and tested every 10-15 meters to ensure the quality standards are maintained. The Kennedy team takes great pride in the quality management systems in place.

Raw material sourcing:

We identify the best possible suppliers that have the size, scale, track record for quality – so that we can continue to offer our customers best-in-class products.
The Grade of PVC that we use is the finest grade of PVC which is manufactured in USA. Almost all the critical raw material components that are being used for making the Noise control & X-ray shielding materials are manufactured in USA and comply with global quality standards.