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Wide Range of Acoustic Vinyl Barriers and X-Ray Shielding Materials

Kennedy Vinyl focuses on two products: Acoustical Barriers and X-Ray Shielding. Each product is supported by a dedicated manufacturing facility and a highly skilled team. Our design and manufacturing teams also have deep expertise in developing custom products uniquely suited to the needs of our customers.

Acoustical Vinyl Barrier

Noise Control / Acoustics Barrier


X-Ray Shielding Material

Noise Control / Acoustics Barrier


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The Kennedy Vinyl

Kennedy Vinyl was founded in 1976 with the objective of becoming the leading manufacturer of mass loaded acoustic vinyl barriers. Our factory is located in Scottsboro, Alabama which spans 7 acres and boasts over 25,000 square feet of production space.

A couple of decades later, we started manufacturing X-Ray protective vinyl materials, cementing our position as a producer of ultrafine particles of very high purity that guarantees top-grade quality and optimal X-ray protection.

Our team adheres to the highest quality control standards and holds our suppliers to the same standards throughout the manufacturing process and beyond. We comply as per the Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.

Building on our legacy of innovation, Kennedy has since evolved into a distinguished American brand specializing in manufacturing premium radiation safety products.

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